it’s Christmas and the world is ending

we’ve done it

we’ve actually teleported ourselves into an episode of Doctor Who

I always wonder how people found my Tumblr.

I wonder why they clicked onto my page specifically.

I wonder what makes them click the ”Follow” button.

I wonder who actually keeps up with my Tumblr.

I wonder who actually enjoys my Tumblr.

I wonder if I’m anyone’s Tumblr crush.



Yes, as I’m so generous I’m doing a giveaway, why? Because I have two “This Is War” deluxe editions and two “A Beautiful Lie” albums. Also when I first bought the triad I bought two instead of one, I’m suck a dork :P And my mum is buying me any wristband I wanted, and I told her I was buying again the Glyphics one so I could giveaway the one I have now (although it’s still in good conditions).

As you see I’m giving away:

  • One Triad necklace
  • One red Glyphics wristband
  • “A Beautiful Lie” album
  • “This Is War” [deluxe edition] album

The rules are:

  • Reblog as many times as you want, (more reblogs, more chances of winning)
  • Likes will be ignored.
  • You have to follow me (you can unfollow me when the giveaway ends, lol) []
  • I will ship worldwide and I’ll pay it.
  • I’ll pick the winner with a random generator.
  • Giveaway ends on April 21.
  • If you have any questions just ask me. [x]