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Bonus Pat on the Back from Jared:


But Dumbledore says he doesn’t care what they do as long as they don’t take him off the Chocolate Frog cards.


"I know she’ll be in good hands."



i cant tell if im really nice but secretly an asshole or an asshole but secretly really nice


What do you want people to remember about ‘Saving Mr. Banks’?




I woke up about an hour ago [5:37 am] and thought, ‘Oh I must not have gotten the nomination because no one woke me up yet. I was having a philosophical debate in my head about gratitude versus disappointment so you know I just won the Golden Globe and I’ve won 25 or so awards this season for the film already so there’s a lot to be grateful for. The nomination obviously is a huge one and it’s a great thing to get it.”

Leto, who won a Golden Globe for his performance last Sunday, hasn’t gotten to thinking about what he might say if he wins the Oscar.

Reminiscing about his Globes win, Leto shared: “It’s a big one. There’s a lot of buzz happening in that room and you’re so blown away to get that kind of acknowledgement. And it’s not about the award, or having something to put on your mantle, it’s not about the ego. You really have the chance to share something with your family. My brother was there so when I won it kind of felt like we won together. It was really nice. But I think everybody knows how grateful I am and now with 6 nominations [for the film] everybody has a lot to be grateful for.”

For now, “I’m going to go back to bed and then I’m going to wake up and eat vegan pancakes and contemplate how wonderful life can be.”

Jared Leto on his Golden Globe and Academy Award nomination

Entertainment Weekly 2014

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oh god this makes me feel so much better about this scene

nope, heart continues to break.


this gif is my new fave like he looks so happy and he’s such a cute little puppy omg