9 PICTURES OF - Shannon Leto
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I just love that they keep joking about their age. 


I love this for reasons I feel I should keep to myself :-)


flawless humans
 shannon leto 

“You gotta have faith. Even at the bottom of the blackest hole there will always be light shining through. It just takes faith to see it.”

Frequently Asked Questions about 30STM…


Does Tomo like his hair that long??

Why does Jared Leto change his hair so much?

Are Shannon’s eyebrows real?

Will Jared ever do movies again?

Are the boys really from Mars?

What is the Echelon?

What does the name “Shanimal” mean?

Who is Bartholomew Cubbins?

What’s a “shomo”?

Did they find the fountain of youth?

Answers and theories are welcome. Please reply. :)