HQ - 86th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

is it wrong that my new otp is jared and emilia clarke???

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omg i bet he was 38 or something here

Actually, he was 30 or 31 xD

yeah he was like 30 while shooting this but still he looks so young omg


Oh geez. Can you, like, not?

can u stop being perfect? thanks

This whole “Jared’s too skinny” drama is not cool

I mean, the pictures Terry took are indeed extremely shocking. I was completely worried about him and about what he was doing. But let’s face the fact that this isn’t the first time that he loses weight for a role. I just think whoever said that he looks “sexy” or “hot” should have their mind checked. And please, please, please, CALM YOUR FUCKING TITS. 

Jared wouldn’t stop eating for almost a month for nothing. Don’t you think he’s old enough to know what’s good or not for him? He doesn’t look healthy, I know. But this is for the part. As soon as the filming stops, he will go back to his regular weight. I care a lot about him and I was so scared when I saw the pictures (how his jaw looks so much more prominent and his eyes almost pop out of his face) but we gotta calm down. After so much time away from the movie industry, he decided to get back. So it’s because this part and this whole movie is extremely awesome, because we know Jared wouldn’t do anything that’s less than awesome. So can we just let it go and be happy that he’s back on acting and shit? And can we please, please, please stop creating so much drama about it?

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So yep, I just finished reading Fifty Shades of Grey


Christian is all about s&m and he’s sexy, he’s bossy, he likes being in charge. In his own words, he does everything he does because he can.


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Favorite Musicians » Jared Leto

Life is suffering. Accept it, know it, and get over it. There’s always something to rage against, but there’s always positives too. - Jared Leto


These just make me smile loads.