I just can’t describe how excited I am for The Hunger Games

I’m still reading Catching Fire but I’m completely addicted to the series. I should’ve bought this book in 2010, instead I ended up buying it last week! And I read it in less than 3 days. It’s different from any other thing I’ve read.

I mean, I’m used to Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and Twilight. I read all of those and I loved them (well, I’m not so in love with Twilight now. But I read it when I was 13, so all I wanted was Edward in my life. Anyway. I don’t want it anymore. I’m still waiting for my letter from Hogwarts though). But this time is different. The hero is a girl. And it’s not about love. There is a romantic triangle, but it’s so different than Twilight. I mean, I just can’t explain how much I love Peeta right now. I just can’t. And Katniss thinks just like me.¬†

And Jeez, I can’t wait for the movies. Josh’s in it. JOSH! My Josh, yeah. Number two on my list. NUMBER TWO! This means I love him ever since I was a child (which was not so long ago). But I just can’t explain. And Jennifer Lawrence is aklak√ßlkladmioj! I can’t even say anything. Liam is like super handsome, so I won’t comment that. I just CAN’T WAIT! I’m fangirling more than ever right now lol

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